An Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting will be held at 10 am on

Tuesday 25 August at Clapps Mead Playing Field if weather permits,

otherwise at the Village Hall at 10 am on Monday 31 August.

The following business will be conducted: –

  • Approval of the 2019 2020 Annual Governance and

Accountability Report, which must be signed in person before

31 August.

  • Retrospective formal approval of

The Emergency Delegation of Parish Council Functions

Invoices paid in March, April, May, June, and July

  • Approval of invoices payable in August.

Members of the public are welcome to attend. The formal agenda

will be published on or before 20 August.

Social distancing will be required


Resumption of Parish Council Meetings.

In-person Parish Council Meetings at Chideock Village Hall will

resume with the first meeting at 10 am on Tuesday 29 September,

subject to government guidelines.

The Parish Council will follow the COVID-19 instructions issued by

the Village Hall Management Committee.


  1. Hirers will be required to do a risk assessment for their own activities.
  2. Hirers will be required to sign up to the supplementary T&Cs for Covid-19 bookings.

iii. Based on this assessment, a cleaning schedule to be undertaken by each hirer will be

agreed with Hall Management.

  1. Hirers will be required to clean equipment and used surfaces before and after their

session. We will supply cleaning materials.

  1. The hall will be closed to everyone for a minimum of one hour between hire periods.
  2. The maximum number of people allowed in the hall is 30.

vii. Only the main hall and the accessible toilet will be available in the initial restart (i.e.

kitchen, gents & lady’s toilets, stage, and dressing room area will be out of bounds).

viii. A visitor log will need to be completed by the hirer to aid NHS test and trace. The

completed form should be left with hall management who will retain it for 21 days

after which time it will be shredded.


Ms. Sal Robinson

Parish Clerk