Planting of a Rowan Tree in Memory of Kate Geraghty


It was lovely to see so many friends and family attend the tree planting in memory of Kate Geraghty in the Clapps Mead Playing Field on Saturday afternoon. The family had chosen a Rowan Tree and the plaque bearing the inscription ‘He who plants a tree – plants hope’ was placed near to the tree.  Thank you to everyone who gave donations for the tree, tree guard and plaque.

Kate loved this park and as a Parish Councillor gave much time and energy to making it a safe and beautiful place for all.  I remember so many events shared with Kate on this field – Bopper Bus Mini Fetes, Chideock Society Picnic in Park, Easter Egg hunts, Torchlight procession, Edwardian Games afternoon – the list is endless and all with Kate supporting with her usual abundant enthusiasm.

Around forty people gathered including family and friends.  Lyn Crisp spoke a few words as did both Billy & Sean Geraghty – Kate’s sons.  We can all watch this beautiful tree grow and remember Kate.