PARISH COUNCIL ELECTION. Message from Candidate Tony Peacock

Chideock Parish Council Election on 23rd January 2020
A very great THANK YOU for those who voted for me in the Election May 2019.
Do you wish for a more Progressive Parish Councillor that supports and works hard
for its Residents ?
Please Vote for me Tony Peacock again in this current Election
Old News;
The question of de-trunking the A35 (refer to Parish Council Correspondence) is resolved.It is rejected by
all Government Agencies and Authorities. The A303/A358 improvements have not been resolved. Check
with Highways England and general news content. No plans to totally dual the A303, nor the A30 to
My History
My wife and I have lived and worked in Dorset for over 20 years, with 9 years in Chideock.
Most of my working life has been in Construction including Civil Engineering, Oil, Gas and Power .
Latterly I was a Civil Servant. Then formed my own Tax Accountancy Company From 2001 to 2014.
I audited The Piddle Valley PC accounts. I am now retired.
What can I do and have already done for Chideock
I have been involved in numerous community projects and events ,such as the Chideock Society,table tennis, speed
monitoring and many more .
Chideock is probably the best Community we have lived in.
I have also spent the past four years researching Environmental matters, particularly pollution, and have acquired
considerable knowledge and data in this field. I have submitted several reports on pollution and traffic to
Government ,Local Authorities and the Parish Council.
My concern being the danger to health from road pollutants particularly in Chideock.
I have attended numerous meetings with the Chideock Parish Council ,Highways England and Dorset Council as an Air
Quality Consultant.
I will be attending a meeting with the Dorset Council to provide input to the next Air quality Plan for Dorset and Chideock.
With others on the Parish Council I would help to try to solve some of the problems this village faces. Namely:
Traffic and pollution
Safety of pedestrians ,the health of our children, Senior Residents and those that suffer from chest ailments.
Quality of Life improvement for Residents and Tourists.
Making Main Street more attractive for businesses and Tourists.
I would fully support and encourage these and any other like minded strategies if voted onto the Parish
Tony Peacock
5 Arundell
Dorset DT6 6RY