My name is Peter Hunt. I live at Longwood on Chideock Hill with my wife, Valerie. I have a background in finance, running various businesses throughout my career. I am now retired.

I moved into Chideock about 6 years ago after meeting Val whom I later married, and have got very involved in many aspects of village life.   I am on the PCC of St Giles Church and I am the Treasurer of the Golden Cap Team Benefice of Churches. I enjoy going to, and supporting, village functions and have been accepted as part of the Chideock Community.

Nearly four years ago, I joined the Chideock Parish Council and during a 3 year term of office was involved in various projects, including the replacement of the damaged  speed cameras and working towards installing  average speed cameras.

I am particularly concerned with the air quality in Chideock, and will strive, if elected, towards getting the powers that be to recognise that we, in Chideock, deserve a better quality of life without pollution.

One of the ways to achieve this is the de-trunking of the A35 and its designation as a scenic route, now that the A303/A358 improvements have been achieved.

As my heart is now in Chideock, I would like to help make it a better and safer place in which we all can live.

I would ask you to re-elect me to the Chideock Parish Council.  Thank you.