Sushi Demonstration

President Shirley Lambert opened the meeting and reported on the sad death of Joan Brewer.     Members had a moment of silence to remember Joan and her family.

Our guest and speaker Shige Takezoe, from North Chideock was warmly welcomed.

Shige began by explaining the history of the Japanese diet, mostly rice, fish and vegetable based to respect the teachings of Buddah.
In modern times meat is also included and the sweet battering of food as in Chinese and Taiwanese cooking. Mouth-watering illustrations of typical meals, including several types of one-pot meals for family or groups of friends were circulated and explained.

Sushi, is essentially raw fish on rice, usually with a range of sauces or dips and is delicious. However choice of fish and preparation should be done by experienced chefs and Shige warned against serving this at home for fear of stomach upsets.

After a demonstration 4 volunteers had great fun making a vegetarian rice dish which was sliced up and judged by Shige and eaten by other

The next meeting will be on Monday 4th July at 3pm and is an informal Cream Tea afternoon at the Bay Tree.  Lets hope the sun shines!

Visitors and guests are always welcome to come along.

Diane Benjamin