Are You a Holiday Cottage Owner?

Holiday Cottage

Are you a holiday cottage owner with a quality property in Chideock or nearby? Would you like someone local and experienced to manage your bookings for you?

Your cottage might be up and running already or you may be new to the market. Perhaps you manage it yourself but just don’t have the time to get the volume of bookings you need?

Does This Sound Familiar?

If you are currently with an agency, are you thinking the following?

  • There’s a long delay before you get payments.
  • You feel you are paying too much for their service.
  • You are not getting the quality of service you expect.
  • Bookings are tailing off.

Booking Assist Does Things Differently

Your guests pay you directly, and not us which means you get your money at the right time. We purposefully take on only a small number of good quality properties so we don’t overstretch our service to either you or your potential guests. We also have much smaller overheads than the big brand agencies as we keep things home based and online with no fancy offices to maintain. However, we still provide the same quality website tools that people expect these days to make the booking and payment process easy for website visitors. We’re also happy to do things the ‘old fashioned’ way too, by email or phone enquiries, as there are still some people wanting to book this way.

How Do We Work?

Booking Assist can provide a variety of ways to book your cottage so that your cottage gets maximum exposure. We can do this via our two local websites, Special Dorset Cottages and Bridport Cottages and also via Online Travel websites such as Airbnb and Holiday Lettings.

Bridport Cottages Online Bookings

special dorset cottages

Tailoring the Right Service For You

We can offer differing levels of assistance, based on your individual requirements. For instance, as well as handling the booking process, we can also recommend good cleaners and laundry handlers too. Whatever you choose, we can guarantee this will be at a much lower cost than going to any big brand holiday management agency.

Small is Beautiful

We want to keep our business manageable and small so we have limited numbers of cottages we want to take on. Call today for a no obligation chat about your cottage.
Contact Heather at Booking Assist today.