Chideock from Quarr

Chideock ‘Trail’ – LETTERBOX 3. January 2022.
Good day to everyone, yes, it’s me again. I sincerely hope that you have got
through the seasons festivities all OK and looking forward to a better year than the last two.
I thank all of you who have written emails/letters supporting the project and the
response to ‘Letterbox 2’ was excellent.
Now, I do know there are a some that I have spoken to recently, who were, vocally, very supportive and said they would write in, but I have not received anything from those persons yet.
If you support this and have not written/emailed yet, please, please, please do so ASAP. If it can be shown that this traffic-free trail has the support of the village, its neighbours, and visitors alike, Dorset Council are more likely to allocate time to discuss it.
‘Drop In’ sessions.
It is intended to hold 2 x ‘Drop In’ sessions, open to all, be they villagers, tourists, holidaymakers etc. The purpose of these sessions is to provide a means whereby people can see the project documents before they are formally deposited with Dorset Council.
These documents contain:
1. References to past, failed projects and other relevant information.
2. The possible routes for such a trail that have been reconnoitred, with
descriptions of the routes, and the pros and cons.
3. A compilation of the emails and letters received supporting the project, or not.
N.B. At the time of writing no unsupportive communications had been received.
– 2 –
The dates/times/location for these sessions are as follows:
Saturday 22 January 10:00 – 13:00 hrs. at The Clock, Chideock, and,
Saturday 26 February 10:00 – 13:00 hrs. at The George, Chideock.
Tea/coffee will be available, free, donate if you wish.
It is hoped to be able to provide a third opportunity to see the documents, based around a meeting of the Parish Council, but this is yet to be discussed and organised.
At the time of writing it is not known if there is to be a strengthening of the
covid recommendations/regulations, so, regardless, I would ask that all persons
attending any of the venues to be mindful of the guidance to combat any
spread of infection. Also, once I have delivered this letter to all in the village it
would be very difficult for me to notify you should cancellation be necessary. I
will have to rely on notifying as many as possible via email and asking that you
spread the word. There is, now, a dedicated Face Book page to the Chideock
trail project – also a link on –
WhatsApp 07762 340926
so it could be worth checking it for that for the latest information.
My very best wishes to you for the coming year, hoping we can all get back to (the new) normal, whatever that may be, soon.
Winston ‘Meash’ Maskell
Simons Orchard, Main Street.
01297 489338