CHIDEOCK SOCIETY woodland trust project

About 26 volunteers (families and children) helped the Chideock Society plant 420 trees on Saturday 24th November.  The weather was wet and windy but our intrepid ‘planters’ spent the morning on the cliffs at seatown and in the afternoon planted the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Oak on land in the village owned by the Chattin family. The following came from the National Trust facebook page “Today has involved planting some 350 hedge plants on an old hedge bank at Seatown with the help of the Chideock Society and the local community. Considering the fact it was wet and miserable I think a turnout of 26 people is pretty good!! It all came about through a Woodland Trust initiative called ‘ More trees, More good’. They will donate tree packs (including guards) where the planting will benefit and involve the local community. The Chideock Society agreed to fund 2/3 of the cost of the stock fencing which was very generous, and without this the project would not have been possible. Now, hopefully given a few years we should have the development of a mixed species hedge on the estate where previously there was a bare bank! Now that’s what I call some positive conservation work!! Thanks to all who braved the conditions to help plant the trees, and the Chideock Society for organising the event”.