IMG_4533From the Chideock Society: Treasure Hunted down….

Hi to all, and just to let you know that if we have not contacted you already then sadly you are not amongst this years winners. There were three correctly completed entries and congratulations go to Chris and Caroline Sampson, Ann and John Viney and The Elliott Family. Well done because there were ‘a few stinkers in there’ and for the benefit of all those who took part, here are a few of the more difficult answers explained.

The third clue referred to the window in the north transept of St Giles which depicts a tree springing from the biblical character Jessie, who is recorded as being the root of the line leading to the birth of Jesus. This is well documented within the literature on display in St Giles, in a photograph on top of the church piano, and of course in the window.

The thirteenth clue was perhaps one of the most challenging? It asks for the whereabouts of David’s star? At the top of the hill is a footpath gate, the pattern of the timbers clearly marks out the shape of a Star of David which is best spotted from a distance.

The clue which caught most people out was the seventeenth which asked “What black box is there clear in sight?”. A great many people thought it was the bus shelter, although there are two of these of course and they are not really boxes. I also doubt if the X53 was running when Dreadful Dick was at large! The answer is to be found set into the wall of the old Post Office, if you look closely next time you pass you will see an old, and now redundant post box which has been painted black.

Other than these three the rest of the clues were generally quite well answered. Perhaps surprisingly the sixth clue was correctly answered in every instance, despite there being an error in the early editions which instructed participants to turn “…East alongside Taddle”, instead of west.

We would like to thank The Anchor Inn at Seatown and The George in Chideock for their generous donations of meal vouchers as prizes, as well as Lost Souls, Central Stores and Warren House who contributed generously towards The Chideock Hamper.

Finally many thanks go to all those who took part. We plan to run a number of outdoor events again next year and hope you will be able to take part. The Treasure Hunt has raised over £250 for The Chideock Society Community Fund, and this has only been possible as a result of the enthusiastic participation of both residents and visitors alike.