Please see the List of Candidates for the Chideock Parish Council. There are ten candidates for seven councillor positions.  The election will be held in the village hall on Thursday 2nd May  You have seven votes but you can choose how many to use, i.e. vote for 3 candidates or just one or make a choice of seven from the ten.

DON’T’ FORGET TO VOTE – Parish Council & Dorset Council  Elections – 2 May 2019
The 10 nominations for Chideock Parish Council are: –
CAREY, Roger John #

COATES, Deirdre Mary

DUNN, Anna

DUNN,  George Charles #
ELLIOT, Laurie #

GLENN, Vanessa #
HUNT, Peter Trevor #

MURRAY, Robert Forsyth #
ROGERS, David Walter #

# indicates a current councillor.
You can vote for up to 7 candidates.
N.B. This is the first contested “ordinary” election since 1999.

The votes for all contested Parish / Town Council elections within the Dorset
Council area will be counted on Saturday 4 May.
The 4 nominations for the Dorset Council Marshwood Vale Ward are: –
CHRISTOPHER, Simon John – The Conservative Party #
CULPIN, Phyllida – Labour Party
FAIRLIE, Simon – Green Party
GERRARD, Eddie – Liberal Democrats
SEWELL, Jacqui – Independent
# indicates the current West Dorset Ward Council

Annual Chideock Parish Council Meeting – 10 am on Tuesday 14 May.
In an election year this must be held within 18 days of the election date.
At this meeting the following business will be conducted: –
• Councillors must sign their Declaration of Acceptance of Office as
Councillors before any business is transacted.
• Election of Chair and Vice-Chair and signing of Declaration of
Acceptance of Office as Chair / Vice Chair.
• Election of Councillors to the Planning and Finance Committees
• Appointment of Representatives, who do not have to be Councillors.
a) Rights of Way
b) Village Hall
c) Matters pertaining to A35 Trunk Road
d) Dorset Council Highways Matters
e) Bridport Local Area Partnership
f) Western Area Transport Action Group
g) Dorset Association of Parish & Town Councils
h) Community Flood Group
j) Clapps Mead Playing Field Management Group
Councillors must complete and return their Declarations of Pecuniary Interests
within 28 days of this meeting.