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Welcome to the Chideock and Seatown Community Website. This website belongs to ‘the community’ and is all about Chideock, North Chideock and Seatown. We hope these pages will be of interest to both local residents and visitors to our village.

Chideock is an amazingly busy village with lots of groups that anyone can join and lots of entertainment and events that are happening so please take your time to look through our website – not forgetting our stunning Photo Galleries.

If you are a visitor to this beautiful part of West Dorset please check out our Accommodation Guide.

    Hi All
    I trust you are all safe and well and finding plenty to do!!!
    The volunteers have been running now for two weeks and we think it all seems to be going ok.
    We started with huge problems with prescriptions but hope this will soon be resolved.  We have managed to sign people up to home delivery, if we have had a prescription in the last week.   Lloyd’s are not happy with the volunteers asking on your behalf, so could we please ask you to help.   if you have a prescription you would like collected, could you call Lloyds chemist and ask for a home delivery.  The prescriptions will then be sent out to you by a driver.  Obviously, we are very happy to deliver to prescriptions to the pharmacy on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  The phone number for Lloyds Pharmacy is 01308 424350.
    Shopping….  We have managed to deliver lots of shopping requests around the village.
    Could we ask you to take a look at ‘Click & Collect’ online at Morrisons/Waitrose.  If you are able to order your shopping like this, then we can find volunteers to go and collect it for you, making life very simple.
    Also, those who already shop with ‘Click & Collect’  could you let us know when your order is due and maybe we could add someone’s small shop to it  (no more than 10 items).
    We would like to thank all the ladies and gents that have been on standby for us to call.  A huge thank you to our paperboy and general dog’s body Jamie from the George Inn and Suzy Pengelly and Sue Allen for spending hours standing in the queue for prescriptions.
    Keep smiling everyone and raising your glasses in the garden on a Tuesday at 12 noon!!!
    Stay safe and if you need us, call us.
    Jane, Sue & Frances
    Warren House Bed and Breakfast
    Main Street  Chideock Dorset DT6 6JW
    01297 489 996
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    Chideock News

    April 2020 Chideock News

    Here’s the April 2020 Chideock News.

    Chideock News April 2020

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    Due to the corona virus Creeds will not be printing The Chideock News for May and possibly June.  I know we all rely on our ‘parish mag’ for updates so if anyone wants to put something on the community website please send it to me preferably ‘in word’ to

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    I’ve had a very kind offer today.  If you are interested in music and would like something To dance to,  sing to or just relax too contact Neil Kennedy who I have copied into this email or just get in touch with me and I will get Neil to contact you.
    Please spread the word, thank you xx

    This is the message I received from Neil…..
    I have a massive music there are any types of music, singers, shows, groups etc they’d like me to compile CD’s for them I will.  Music is a great comforter and especially with the more elderly so therefore I’d like to extend that to whoever you’re in touch with in the village.  Regardless of era (I have a load of stuff I’ve either got or done for my dad which goes back to the 30s and 40s), I will record CD’s for them to listen to whilst holed up in their homes.

    Warren House Bed and Breakfast
    Main Street  Chideock Dorset DT6 6JW
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    Delivery Service to Chideock


    Local contactless delivery to the Chideock area Please check terms of delivery when ordering, as these may be subject to change

    Fresh food / basic supplies Balson’s Butchers (Bridport) 01308 422638 Minimum spend £10 for free delivery within 5 miles (meat, dairy, vegetables)

    Frampton’s Butchers (Bridport) 01308 422995 Ring 8am – 3pm to book delivery, no minimum spend.

    Rawles Butchers (Bridport) 01308 427590 Minimum spend £25 for free delivery within 3 miles.

    Punch & Judy Bakery (Bridport) 01308 423384 Deliveries (bread, pasties, meals in boxes) are grouped together, so no charge within 5 miles.

    Leakers Bakery (Bridport) 01308 423296. Free delivery – 3 mile radius of Bridport Monday to Friday.

    . The Two Chideock Bakers 07836 661409 Cakes, desserts, quiches. Delivery within 5 miles. (Chideock) 07717 238067

    Bridget’s greengrocers (Bridport)01308 427096 £5 minimum spend for free delivery.

    Naturalife Wholefoods (Bridport) 01308 459690 Minimum spend £20 for free delivery within 5 miles. Ring to order. Spar Shop (Chideock)

    Ring Jamie at The George (01297 489419) for free delivery if needed of papers, milk and other essentials from the shop.

    Hangers Dairy (Bridport) 01308 423308 Milkman deliveries of milk, other dairy, eggs, bread. No new customers being taken on in the immediate future.

    Takeaways/prepared food Ilchester Arms (Symondsbury) 01308 422600 Free delivery within 5 miles (Fri and Sat 6pm – 9pm, ring from 5pm for menu and time slot).

    Taj Mahal (Bridport) 01308 424956 Free delivery within 3 mile radius. Takeaway. 01308 421000 Coriander (Bridport) 01308 428262 Minimum spend £15 for free delivery within 3 miles.

    Takeaway. Sundorbon (Bridport) 01308 425266 Minimum spend £15 for free delivery

    . Takeaway. Chicken Land & Pizza (Bridport) 01308 458800 Free delivery on orders over £13.

    Takeaway. Dominos Pizzas (Bridport) 01308 458885 Delivery only, no collection.

    Somtum (Bridport) 01308 420004 Minimum spend £30 for free delivery within 3 miles (under £30 charged on taxi meter).

    Takeaway. Red Brick Café (Bridport) 07868 752329 Takeaway Fri 6.30pm – 8pm, Sat 11am -2pm: menu on Facebook. Min spend £10 for free Fri delivery within 3 miles (order by 6.30pm)

    Tanya (Chideock) 07736 516266 Free soup if needed – Tanya will deliver to your door, or if she can’t someone from the volunteers list will

    . Wine Furleigh Estate (Salway Ash) 01308 488991 Free delivery, order online. Drive through collections on request.

    Pet supplies Animal House (Bridport) 01308 424349 Order by phone. Free deliveries. Open Mon – Sat 10am – 4pm. Pets Direct & Aquatics (Bridport) 01308 420747 Car park collection and delivery service only: hours on Facebook.

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    Hi All

    I hope you are all keeping well and finding lots to do !!

    Last week we found ourselves running into problems with collecting prescriptions from Lloyds Bridport for village folk.

    This is where we need your help. As a prescription is taking up to 6 hours to collect, we need volunteers to stand in the queue for an hour or two at a time. We are going to collect prescriptions on a Tuesday and Thursday only.

    If you feel you could help us with this please can you let me know as soon as possible. As you can appreciate, this is causing lots of anxiety for those waiting for prescriptions.

    We are writing to all the people who need a prescription collected and asking them to let us know what the items are that they are expecting. This week we have had items missing. We think that if we know what should be in the bag before we get there we can stop this happening.

    Thank you for your help so far and I do hope to hear back soon.


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  • Garden Waste Collection suspended from 27th march

    From the end of Friday 27 March, Dorset Council waste services (previously known as the Dorset Waste Partnership) will be suspending all Garden Waste kerbside collections.

    We have had to suspend this service until further notice to prioritise rubbish, food waste and recycling collections during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    As this is a subscription service that we are currently unable to deliver, we don’t expect our customers to lose out financially. We will work out how subscribers are compensated for collections they did not receive during this disruption period and contact them directly when services eventually return to normal.

    The Garden Waste team have also suspended new subscriptions to the service.

    With household recycling centres currently closed, Dorset residents are being asked to: –

    • Reduce or stop producing garden waste for as long as possible, including cutting grass and trimming hedges
    • Store your garden waste safely until services resume
    • Not place garden waste in your other household waste bins
    • Please consider home composting – Dorset Council works with to provide composting bins from as little as £19 (+P&P) and there are many other retailers online still delivering compost bins.

    Residents are also being politely asked not to burn their waste. Those lighting bonfires are respectfully requested to consider their neighbours, who may be suffering from the virus, recovering, or have underlying medical conditions as smoke may exacerbate their problems and cause complications in their recovery.

    Cllr Tony Alford, Dorset Council’s portfolio holder for Customer, Community and Regulatory Services, said:

    “The suspension of our Garden Waste service is regrettable, but anticipated and planned for. It is necessary to protect the other kinds of collections we need to provide, especially at this time when we expect household waste levels to rise as everybody stays at home.

    Please help us help you. Keep hold of your garden waste or home compost until the coronavirus public health guidance is relaxed. Do not burn it. Do not dump it elsewhere as this is fly-tipping and is illegal.

    We all need to play our part in coping with the current restrictions to our usual routines and dealing with your waste responsibly is a major part of that. Thank you for your co-operation.”

    More information on home composting can be found at on our webpage.

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    Wine and Champagne Wooden BoxesLast Tuesday John and Judy Sansom, Mike ,Marilyn, Noreen, Alison and Audrey Skinner and Denys & Elizabeth Brunsden poured a gin and tonic and went outside at 12.00 noon and shouted cheers to each other.
    Jane Warren thought this idea good and her 40 volunteers are going to do it next week.  Come on Chideock and ‘raise your glasses’ whether Gin, wine or beer –  and hopefully your spirits.  Toast Chideock, toast the NHS!  For those teetotal just the ‘tonic’ will do. It might go viral and encourage all small communities to do the same!
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    After Prime Minister Johnson’s announcement last night (Monday 23 March), Dorset Council has closed all its household recycling centres (HRCs, or ‘the tip’) until further notice in order to comply with the latest central government guidance on staying at home and away from others.

    However, your normal kerbside bin collections will continue to take place for the time being. We have already issued information on how we’re planning to ensure this essential service remains in place.

    With people staying at home all day during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, household waste levels are expected to increase. We are reminding people that we have limited capacity in our collection vehicles and at our waste transfer stations, and so we need Dorset residents to help.

    Right now, there are certain measures everyone can take to reduce pressure on the kerbside collection service and keep people safe: –

    • If you have symptoms of coronavirus, make sure you double-bag your waste (especially tissues and cleaning cloths) and store it safely for 72 hours before placing it in your usual black wheelie bin or authorised blue sack
    • Do not create excess waste you’d usually need to take to an HRC. This includes gardening (unless you home-compost), large DIY jobs or house clearances. If you do have excess waste, keep it stored safely until the HRCs reopen. Do not hand your rubbish to an unlicensed waste carrier for disposal
    • Continue to keep rubbish and recycling separated. Check out our Right Stuff Right Bin webpage
    • Try to minimise the amount of waste your household produces. We have advice on our Slim Your Bins webpage
    • Create more space in your recycling bin by squashing/flattening plastic, aluminium and cardboard items. You should not however compress rubbish in black bags, your black wheelie bin or authorised blue sack. Please do not squash waste down into your bin after you’ve put it in there as this can prevent it falling out during the emptying process
    • Do not put your glass box out for collection until it is full
    • Park responsibly. More people staying at home has obviously led to more cars parked on residential streets, creating problems for our drivers who cannot access some roads. Make sure you leave enough room for our larger vehicles to pass and turn safely
    • If your collection has been missed, please check our service disruption page on the coronavirus section of the Dorset Council website before reporting. You will find service updates and instructions on what to do with your bins there.

    Cllr Tony Alford, Dorset Council’s portfolio holder for Customer, Community and Regulatory Services, said:

    “We understand that the closure of our household recycling centres will place pressure on our kerbside services, but we have to follow central government public health measures. Visits to HRCs are not covered in the list of reasons for people to leave their homes.

    We want to keep our usual kerbside waste collections going for as long as possible, but we’re anticipating challenges in resourcing this service as the coronavirus situation continues and are prepared to make changes if the system starts to strain. To help avoid this, Dorset residents should recycle correctly, minimise the waste they produce and observe health guidance if they have symptoms of COVID-19. Help us to help you.

    I want to thank everyone for playing their part in helping us keep these vital services going and to our front-line workers who are working hard to ensure everyone’s waste continues to be dealt with safely and responsibly.”

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    Upon direct orders from the Government the childrens Play Area at Clapps Mead, Mill Lane will now be closed. Signs have been placed at the two entrances and gates secured.  Thank you for your understanding.[hr]

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